4 Way Footswitch for ID Series + Built In Tuner

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FS-10 Footcontroller

A footcontroller for the ID:Series amplifiers

The FS-10 footcontroller gives you simple on-the-fly control of your ground-breaking ID:Series amplifier, allowing you to get the most from it in a performance situation.

FS-10 Footcontroller Overview

  • On-the-fly control of ID:Series amplifiers
  • 3 Modes for complete flexibility
  • Requires no external power supply
  • Connects with a regular guitar cable
  • Access and use the ID:Series chromatic tuner

FS-10 Features Overview

  • AAA Feature
    Access All Areas

    Access all 128 patches on your ID:Series amp, store patches and activate effects.

  • 3 Operating Modes

    Use your FS-10 the way that works for you: patch selection, navigation, as a tuner, or even like a row of stomp boxes.

  • Powered By The Amp

    No extra power leads, no extra sockets. A regular guitar lead is all you need to connect your ID:Series amp and your FS-10.

  • Clear LED Display

    From Patch and Bank selection to effect Tap tempo, your FS-10 gives you key information at a glance. You can even use it to read your ID:Series amp's onboard chromatic tuner.