Perfect Mate For Your Venue Series Amp

The Blackstar HTV 212 MKII angled 2 x 12" extension cabinet gives you the balance of power and articulation of tone you've been looking for. No matter what electric guitar amplifier you plug in, you'll love the sound of this guitar cab's punchy lows, defined mids, and clear highs. That's all thanks to the Blackstar HTV 212 MKII's duet of authentic Celestion speakers. Built tough and ready for the demands of the road, the Blackstar HTV 212 MKII 2 x 12" extension cabinet is a powerful addition to your rig. Complete your Venue Series MKII stack with an HTV 212 MKII from GMR today.

Mono and stereo modes

In addition to standard mono mode, you can hook up a pair of guitar amplifiers to the HTV 212 MKII and run it in split stereo 1 x 12" mode. Whether achieving stereo sonic washes with effects or just blending the tones of two different amps, this split mode essentially treats the HTV 212 MKII as two separate guitar cabs, letting you create even cooler tones onstage or in the studio.

Blackstar HTV 212 MKII Angled 2 x 12" Extension Cabinet Features:

  • 2 x 12" cabinet that is a perfect match to your Blackstar Venue Series guitar amp
  • Operates in either conventional 2 x 12" mode or stereo 2 x 12" mode
  • Loaded with 2 x Celestion 12" speaker for timeless rock tone
  • Built with interlocking comb-style joints and thick-gauge wire for maximum durability
  • Effortlessly handles up to 160 watts
BLACKSTAR HTV-212 MKII 2x12" CAB Guitar Amplifiers Blackstar