Electro-Harmonix (EHX) Oceans 11 Reverb Pedal

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Every Reverb Type You Could Ask For

With 11 reverb types and a ton of "hidden" functionality, the Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 reverb pedal could be your new go-to reverb pedal. You can tap into classic tones like hall, plate, and spring reverbs, including a brand-new spring reverb algorithm that sounds gloriously complex and rich — you can even double-tap the footswitch to "crash" the spring reverb. And you'll be able to cover a huge range of modern tones with a variety of modulated reverbs, shimmer reverb, reverse reverb, and more. A Mode switch offers access to variations on many of the 11 reverb types. Complete with an infinite reverb mode for freeze-style effects, there is vast creative potential in the Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 reverb pedal.

11 reverb types, with multiple variations too

Guitarists at Sweetwater have long been fans of Electro-Harmonix's reverb offerings, and the Oceans 11 continues to impress. In addition to the 11 modes listed below, a Mode switch gives you alternative variations on many of the different reverb types. You can also connect an external footswitch to trigger infinite reverb effects.

Reverb types:

  • Hall — rich and full sound of a grand concert hall
  • Spring — brand-new tube spring reverb emulation
  • Plate — lush and warm plate reverb
  • Reverse — each note fades in backwards
  • Echo — recirculates echoes through the plate reverb algorithm
  • Trem — hall reverb plus tremolo
  • Mod — modulated reverb
  • Dyna — swells, gates, and ducks in response to your playing dynamics
  • Auto-Inf — auto-infinite reverb triggers a wash of reverb with each new note or strum
  • Shim — shimmer reverb with an octave-shifted wash that blooms behind your core tone
  • Poly — polyphonic reverb with two pitch shifts operating on your pre-reverb guitar tone
  • Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb Pedal Features:

    • Reverb effects pedal with 11 reverb types
    • Mode switch accesses up to 3 variations for many reverb types
    • Tails switch allows you to choose whether or not your reverb cuts off abruptly when you bypass the pedal
    • Secondary knob mode allows access to many "hidden" parameters, detailed in the instruction manual
    • Unique spring reverb emulation allows you to crash the virtual reverb tank by double-tapping the footswitch
    • Powered via an included 9-volt power supply
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