Laney CUB12R Valve Guitar Amp

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The CUB series all feature great straight ahead vintage tone. The design ethos behind the CUB amps is ‘Small is Beautiful!’ There are plenty of situations when small is king and having smaller wattage amplifier allows you to get classic vintage sounds without complicated control layouts or excessive volume.


The CUB12R offer a CUB with a substantially bigger bites and a nifty trick up their sleeves! All will be revealed in a moment.

The CUB12R houses a  12” driver, giving them an increased volume and full rich valve tone. Looking at the pre amp it’s clear that the CUB12R packs more into the amp than it’s smaller siblings. From right to left the controls run as follow: -Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume, Tone and finally Reverb. The output section of the CUB12R is based around a pair of EL84 tubes giving it a more scooped tone than it’s smaller counterparts. Think smooth rich overdrive with bags of gain.


Now the nifty trick – the CUB12R features two input sockets one-labeled 15 watts the other labeled less than one watt. Plug into the 15 watts input and that’s what you get 15 watts of cool tube tone, plug into the “less than one watt” and you get your great tube tone but now it’s a whisper more than a roar. The Less than 1-watt option allows you to drive the power amp section really hard allowing you to really access the “dark art” tone of power amp distortion.

The CUB12R is a member of the CUB range which offers everyone the opportunity to experience the sound and feel of a good quality tube amp at what is an amazing price.


Channel Controls Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume & Tone
Class Class A/B
Packed Dimensions (HxWxD mm) 455 x 475 x 275
Drivers 12" HH Driver
Equalisation Bass, Middle, Treble
Footswitch FS1 (Not Included)
FX Loop(s) Yes
Impedance 8 Ohm
Inputs 2 : 15W & <1W
Output Valves 2 x EL84
Power 15 Watts & < 1 Watt
Preamp Valves 3 x ECC83
Reverb Yes
Speaker connections 8 - 16 Ohm connections
Weight 11.5 Kg
Unit Dims - for int. case (HxWxD m 427 x 435 x 235