Roland PM-3 Full Range Monitor

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The Roland PM-3 Personal Monitor System is the first powered personal monitor system optimized for electronic percussionists. Consisting of two satellite speakers and a separate double-drive woofer system, the PM-3 is perfect for capturing the full range of electronic percussion sounds�from the highest cymbals to the deepest kick drums. First powered personal monitor system designed for electronic percussion kits like the V-Drums� Two 50-watt satellite speakers with 4-inch woofers, 2-inch midrange speakers, and 1-inch tweeters 100-watt double-drive woofer system with two 10-inch speakers Accurately reproduces nuances and stereo placement of acoustic drums Includes brackets for mounting satellite speakers to any Roland electronic percussion system stand Ideal for home use or for personal monitoring at small gigs Also works for other applications: DJ, keyboards, guitar synth, etc.