Roland SPD ONE Kick

by Roland
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Roland SPD ONE Kick

The Roland SPD:ONE Kick brings you a new type of digital percussion pad. Allowing you to add genuine kick drums and percussion sounds to your performance. Containing 22 realistic percussion sounds that are unique to the Roland range. Including Kick Drums, Stomp Box, Shakers, Cowbells and more. As well as the option to import your own original audio data through one of the 12 soundbanks.

Then, once you’re ready to go, the SPD::ONE Kick’s robust-yet sensitive pad can be played with your drumsticks, hands or feet. While trigger threshold settings can be easily adjusted using the intuitive controls.

Power your SPD ONE through either batteries or AC. Making it a portable digital percussion pad that can be used either on the floor or a tabletop. Even mount it to your rig or drum setup using the included adapter. Operation is simple even for non-technical musicians, with the four easy-to-use knobs o the control panel. Allowing you to change the sound, volume, balance, and more. So whether you’re a drummer, percussion player, guitarist, DJ, or vocalist. The SPD:ONE Kick is a simple and flexible way to expand your sound and performance.

A Digital Percussion Pad You Can Play with Sticks, Hands, or Feet

Drummers and percussionists love the solid feel and natural rebound. While guitarists can confidently stomp on the unit for four-on-the-floor beats. And practically any musician can play sounds by hand without fear of sore palms and fingers at the end of the night.

Kick and Stomp Box Sounds Specially Selected for Playing with the Foot

Containing 22 internal sounds, including a variety of kick drums and stompbox sounds. Therefore, making this the ideal pad in the Roland SPD ONE range for playing by foot. Adding four-on-the-floor kick patterns to solo guitar performances has never been easier. Thanks to the variety of onboard sounds and instant tone and effect adjustment using just two knobs, you can switch the sound between songs as your set progresses. You’re not limited to solo performances either; practically any musician, including drummers and DJs, can instantly access kick sounds with the SPD:ONE KICK digital percussion pad.

Roland SPD ONE Kick Percussion Roland
Roland SPD ONE Kick Percussion Roland