Valvetone Impact Mk IV (Hand wired - Australian Made)

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Hand Made in Australia by Valvetone using point to point wiring the Impact is a 2 watt amp running 2 x 6F4P power tubes and a single 12AX7 input tube.  But don't let the 2 watts of this amp fool you, it can get loud!

With an 8 ohm (but capable of running 4 or 16 ohm cabs), a single tone control augmented by 3-way 'gain' and 'bright' switches, footswitch input (footswitch not included), and a line out socket for connection to mixing desk or larger amp this amp is a must have for home practice or recording for those who want that genuine tube tone.

Product Features

Gain switch (footswitchable)

Bright switch

Single tone control

Input and master volume

Line out socket

Includes spare set of 6F4P output valves 

Basic but robust raw pine sleeve

12 Month Warranty