Zoom G11 Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator

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Zoom G11

The Zoom G11 brings you a multi-effects processor for guitarists. Representing the culmination of 30 years of Zoom’s engineering and passion! Thanks to some of the world’s best engineers, Zoom has taken the tonal qualities of all the greatest amps in history. Then, combining them and creating all-new amp models that are sure to give you new palettes of tone. As a result, taking your creativity to a whole new level!

Not only does the G11 include all the classic effects you’ve grown to know and love. But, it also offers a range of brand new Distortion and Modulation effects, allowing you to unlock endless new possibilities.

What’s more, the G11 provides 22 cabinet emulations of all modeling amps. As well as 70 pre-loaded full impulse response (IR) data captured by different microphones in a number of positions. Giving you a wide range of cabinet sounds that you can select from! But you can also import up to 130 of your own IR’s for complete customization.

Your sounds might be complex, but building them shouldn’t be. So thanks to the G11’s easy to use technology and 5″ colour touchscreen; you’ll have no issues dragging, dropping, and swiping your way to new sounds.

Above all, although the Zoom G11 is the most advanced multi-effects pedal yet, you’ll find it super familiar. From the stompbox control to the amp panel, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing!

Customize Your Workflow


The Play by Patch tool is perfect for live performances. Allowing you to easily scroll through all of your patches on the G11.


Play by Effect is ideal when you’re in the studio; giving you a complete visual representation of your custom pedal chain.


Use Play by Bank to organize your patches in song lists to quickly access every sound for every song.

Loop & Groove

Sporting a 5-minute looper, you can easily add multiple layers to your solo performances. While the 68 built-in rhythm patterns in various genres allow you to choose your groove.

Return to Sender

What’s more, the G11 allows you to add external mono and stereo effects; build parallel audio chains; and synchronize/trigger other devices via MIDI.

Audio Interface

On top of that, the Zoom G11 functions as a complete audio interface for Mac and PC. Allowing you to quickly and easily record directly to your favourite DAW via USB. You’ll also find a copy of Cubase LE bundled with your G11.

Guitar Lab 6.0

Finally, the G11 allows you to wirelessly connect to the Zoom Guitar Lab app via Bluetooth with the optional BTA-1 adaptor. Allowing you to browse, upload, and download an endless assortment of amps, effects, and artists patches.

Zoom G11 Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator Guitar Effects ZOOM
Zoom G11 Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator Guitar Effects ZOOM