Cole Clark Lute Hole Soundhole Cover FL Series

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US Made timber feedback suppressors, custom designed for Cole Clark Guitars.
Hand finished SOLID WOOD carvings that fit into your Cole Clark guitar's sound hole in seconds with no modification to your guitar, you won't even have to loosen the strings.

LuteHoles look similar to the decorative carvings of early stringed instruments and make any guitar more beautiful while helping to control feedback and protect the edge of the sound hole from pick damage. LuteHoles are held in the sound hole by a resilient gasket. Since LuteHoles don't completely cover the sound hole they don't suppress the instrument’s natural voicing and air flow as much as other devices. LuteHoles may be completely covered on the underside, (using black card or plastic) for those who want maximum feedback protection doing high SPL gigs.


Size - FL Dreadnought Guitar and LL Mini Guitar Cole Clark models

Cole Clark Lute Hole Soundhole Cover FL Series Acoustic Guitars Cole Clark