MXL A5S Dynamic Snare Microphone

by MXL
Original Price $129.00
Current Price $99.00

Smart option for snare miking.

Capture the fast attack of snare drums with the MXL A-5s Snare Drum Microphone. With a tight cardioid pickup pattern, the A-5s has excellent ambient noise rejection and a smooth frequency response. It has a high SPL rating so each note comes out clear and smooth. The A-5s has a rugged all-metal body and an adjustable rim mount. Use the A-5s to record snare drums and other percussion instruments in vivid detail. Perfect physical shape and response pattern for snare drum.


  • High SPL cardioid microphone with ambient rejection
  • Designed to capture snare and percussion with a smooth frequency response
  • All metal body protects against impact and noise
  • Pivoting rim mount holder included
MXL A5S Dynamic Snare Microphone Microphone MXL